Auckland Structural Group Piling Specification


The “Auckland Structural Group Piling Specification” was last produced by the Auckland Structural Group (ASG) as Rev G on 12 March 2002. The specification’s cover page, table of contents, committee representation, publication license and disclaimer are enclosed with this submission.

ASG has established that the Auckland Structural Group Piling Specification is outdated due to several changes in NZ Building Code / Standards and requires further updates to comply with NZBC 2004 and most recent NZ Standards. It is thus not available for public download but still available for SESOC members.

The review is being undertaken by a Panel of Experts. This project is expected to take between 24 and 30 months to complete with an expectation that a “First Draft” working document will be produced by the Panel of Experts within 9 to 12 months.

After review and approval of the “First Draft” document by the SESOC and NZGS National Management Committees, a “Second Draft” document will be publically released for review and comment by all other project stakeholders such as the SESOC/NZGS/NZSEE membership, MBIE, EQC and the wider industry.  Such review and feedback period is expected to take approximately 4 months.

All Stakeholder feedback on the Second Draft document will be compiled, reviewed and debated by the Panel of Experts. All such feedback will be incorporated to produce a “Final Draft” document. Such document version, after review and approval by the SESOC/NZGS National Management Committees, will be released for public use. Over the subsequent 12 months all document users will be able to submit further feedback to the NZGS Secretary who will assist the Panel Chair to compile, collate and issue such feedback to the Panel of Experts.

The above feedback will be used by the Panel of Experts to compile and issue a “Final Revision A” document. It is envisaged that such document will be reviewed and updated under a new Panel of Experts that will be convened by SESOC/NZGS once such document has been in use for between 5 and 10 years.