Information about downloads

Downloads of software suitable for Structural Engineers are available here.

You must be a SESOC member and signed in to download the software (with the exception of the serviceability calculator).

For software support and/or registration enquiries, email

Note: If you are trying to locate the SESOC Licence Key you will now find it within the Engineering New Zealand Customer Area – . Once logged in you will need to follow this path ‘My Memberships’ >> ‘Publications’ >> ‘SESOC Software Licence Key’.


Gen-Col v1.3.1
4.16 MB Software
MemDes V3.8
5.73 MB Software
BeamDes V2.5
6.86 MB Software
MemDes v3.7.1
5.73 MB Software
Gen-Col V1.3
4.16 MB Software
MemDes v3.7
6.32 MB Software
Serviceability Calculator
376.00 KB Software
BeamDes Tutorial 5
1.86 MB Software
BeamDes Tutorial 4
221.70 KB Software
BeamDes Tutorial 3
267.28 KB Software
BeamDes Tutorial 2
98.76 KB Software
BeamDes Tutorial 1
134.83 KB Software
BeamDes V2.40
7.11 MB Software
SESOC | Soils V3.2.1.2105
4.54 MB Software
Gen-Col V1.2.2
4.15 MB Software
MemDes V3.6
4.86 MB Software