V1.3 Date 14/6/2018
Improve range of input options for circular columns
Reduce minimum allowable axial load for biaxial analysis
Allow filename as a command-line parameter

V1.2.2 Date 26/2/2018
Update licence form and expiry conditions 

V1.2.1  Date 4/5/2017
Fixed incorrect dimension check for circular sections

V1.2S  Date 8/4/2016

This version fixes several user interface bugs, provides additional file input/output options, and has improved interaction diagram operation.  Changes include: flexible data file locations, improved screen navigation, import/export of reinforcing bar coordinates and diameters, output analysis to Word document, additional options for interaction diagram data input, option to save interaction diagram points to text or spreadsheet file, fixed bugs in input file loading, data entry and interaction diagram analysis.

V1.1S  Date: 29/10/2014
First SESOC-branded version, with standard SESOC registration process.
In October 2014, with agreement of the original authors, Pacific Steel transferred Gen-Col to SESOC, and it is now available from SESOC for its members’ use.

V1.0L  Date: 20/4/2001
Gen-Col was originally developed by Khalid Al-Sayegh with support from Richard Fenwick, University of Auckland.  From approximately 1999 the program was provided via the Pacific Steel website.

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