Provides analysis of reinforced concrete shear walls:

  • strength and ductility in accordance with NZS 3101:2006
  • doubly-symmetric: rectangular with optional flanged or enlarged ends

V1.2  Date: 1/7/2021

  • Allow user specification of overstrength shear demand
  • Fix issue with setting boundary element internal bars with large number of rows
  • Minor changes to calculation output

V1.1.1  Date: 29/9/2020

  • Improved ‘sanity’ checks for data input

V1.1  Date: 6/7/2020

  • Questions have been raised regarding the appropriateness of singly-reinforced rectangular walls subject to reverse cyclic loading and likely instability under load reversal.  As this is currently being debated at industry level, the singly-reinforced wall option has been removed from Gen-Wall in the interim
  • Batch/auto mode

V1.0  Date: 28/5/2020

  • Initial upload
  • (Build 220, 11/6/2020) Fix implementation of Eq 11-29 check
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