SESOC | Soils

The SESOC | SOILS program is continually updated and can be downloaded from here and reinstalled at any time.

V3.2 Date 13/5/2015

Improvements to results output, updated field range checks, allow override of field range checks, some additions to input options

V3.1  Date: 28/8/2013
Minor bug fixes to calculation engine and improvements to user interface
  Date: 30/1/2013
Rewrite of user interface.  New registration process allowing choice of online (immediate) activation and email-based activation.  Minor bug fixes to calculation engine.

V2.65  Date: 30/12/2010
Change to contact address.  Minor bug fixes.

V2.60  Date: 16/6/2008
Major version change of all output from text files to rich text fully formatted files. Update and correct output. Colour code pass or fail of capacity ratio. Provide Save Open and Print of calc files in the main Menu.

V2.56  Date: 3/12/2007
A correction relating to allowable shear stress in concrete walls. This version now aligns with NZS 3101 2006. A warning message shows when Vc exceeds Øvn and if increasing the depth still leaves an inadequate shear capacity, then to do a hand calculation.

Members are reminded that this is a “living” program concept and improvements come from the feed back that you give.

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