SESOC Awards

The objectives of the Structural Engineering Society of New Zealand awards are to:

  • Promote and publicise Excellence in Structural Engineering to our members and the wider community;
  • Encourage standards of excellence in the application of Structural Engineering by our members;
  • Promote the advancement of knowledge and research in Structural Engineering;
  • Recognise the contribution and special achievement of individuals and/or firms in Structural Engineering.

The projects for the Awards do not necessarily have to be of large scale. Providing they have elements of innovation and development with excellence of construction and execution, they are eligible.

SESOC confer awards each year in the following categories.

  • SESOC Supreme Award
  • SESOC Building Award
  • SESOC Infrastructure Award
  • SESOC Structural Sustainability Award
  • SESOC Structural Heritage and Culture Award
  • SESOC Small Practice Award

Nominations typically close approximately two months prior to the SESOC annual conference.

Link to application portal

Entrants do not need to identify which category the project is entered in. The judging panel will allocate entries into the appropriate award categories.