SESOC Journals & Advertising

The SESOC Journal is published twice annually. It contains items of interest to structural engineers and includes technical papers, project reports, materials information, code reviews, computer applications, historical engineering articles, humour, seminar/conference advice/reports, and general interest articles.

The following links contain abstracts to the published articles. Full text is available to SESOC members.

SESOC Journal: Submissions

Submissions to the SESOC Journal can be made here. Please forward Letters to the Editor, draft documents for review and other material.

SESOC Journal Publication Schedule

Publication Date Final Submission Date
April issue Preceding 20th February
September issue Preceding 20th July

It would be useful to advise the editor of an intended paper submission as soon as possible as there may be occasions when the number of papers exceed the space available in the journal.

SESOC Advertising


Publication Date Material Deadline
April issue Preceding 20th March
September issue Preceding 20th August

Rates (Full-colour):

Inside front cover $1,500 + GST
Outside back cover $1,350 + GST
Inside back cover $1,350 + GST
All internal pages A4 $1,200 + GST


Bookings should be made in advance for advertising spots. Some spots such as covers are booked some time in advance.

Media Criteria:

A high definition PDF with bleed off for standard A4 page

Guidelines When Submitting Papers for The SESOC Journal

Here are some useful pointers to follow before compiling your paper for the Journal:

WP/Typist Tips

  • All papers should be submitted in Arial font (10pt is preferable).
  • Please do not use any font other than Arial. We have had problems with “ghost fonts”, i.e. fonts that are hidden in the document, but we are unable to see (may be hidden in a line space). We need to use a widely accepted default font and Arial is the new font we work in. Our preference for Arial over Times Roman is that it has enhanced reproduction online.
  • It is preferable to justify the typing (text) on your paper to the left.
  • Single line spacing.
  • Normal margins on your document. Nothing fancy.
  • Do not manually page number your documents. However, it is acceptable to do this through the header/footer function.
  • No colour in your paper please but separately supplied high resolution images can be colour.
  • Please do not try to format your paper to look like the journal. The less formatting in your Word document the better and easier for the journal editor to lay it up. We don’t need “eye appeal”. We just need to have your paper in its basic final form although we do not object to the paper being produced in a final suggested layout as well as the basic word processor material is supplied at the same time. This could take the form of a pdf document.
  • Please note that the journal will be reproduced in a 2 column layout and accordingly any photos or diagrams shall be reproduced as either full width (at top or bottom of page) or as a single column width. Generally the editor will size such attachments to suit. The paper used is standard A4 and outside page margins are 12mm, inside page margins are 14mm, and column widths are 86mm (approximately 65 characters).


  • Any graphics or pictures you might have can go into your Word documents BUT MUST ALSO BE SUPPLIED SEPARATELY. You can just leave an indicator such as a figure number which corresponds with any JPEG or TIFF file you send us if you wish.   Please note we cannot simply lift images (graphics or photographs) from Word. This is not compatible with the Platemaker and the quality is greatly reduced when it is embedded in the Word document. We must have separate graphics files and files need to be high resolution at around 300dpi. JPEG, TIFF EPS and PDF acceptable.


  • Please ensure that all equations are completed in Microsoft Word Equation Editor, or Word Perfect Equation Editor with the following settings:



Text (Times New Roman) Norm Full 10 pt.
Function (Arial) Norm Sub Script 7  pt.
Variable (Arial) Norm Sub-Sub Script 6  pt.
L.C.Greek (Symbol) Norm Symbol 12 pt.
U.C.Greek (Symbol) Norm Sub-Symbol 8  pt.
Symbol (Symbol) Norm
Matrix Vector (Times New Roman) Bold

This is a sample of these settings:

Final Draft

  • We will check your paper (refereeing) but not finalise any corrections or suggested alterations until it has been returned to you. Such suggestions will be in a separate document or embedded in the paper and highlighted for your attention.
  • Finally, please ensure that the paper you submit is in the final form with all checking and refereeing complete with the author and referees in agreement on the paper as submitted. Proof-reading and the final technical check are made by us after placement of your material in the journal. If you have to change your paper after you have submitted it you will need to re-submit the material. In this case, use the text highlighter tool to mark the differences from the original submission. Alternatively, If changes are minor, advise us exactly where they have occurred.

Authors Qualifications

  • It is very helpful to have the author’s qualifications listed. We publish this information at the foot of the paper so it helps us to give you the correct recognition.

Referencing Style

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Stewart Hobbs