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Auckland Structural Group Piling Specification

The Auckland Structural Group Piling Specification is a generic specification for use in piling contracts. The piling specification is intended to be a standalone document that can be included with the main specification. Project specific clauses referring back to the main specification are included, along with prompts as to what project items should be specifically covered.

As well as covering general pile construction, materials and workmanship, the specification has detailed provisions for:

  • Bored Piles – cased, grooved, belling for cast-in-place, precast, steel or timber.
  • Driven Piles – driven steel (top and bottom driven), timber and sheet pile.
  • Testing – physical and dynamic.

Sample project specific examples and record sheets are given.

The appendices include Hiley formulae for reference. Although the specification has been written for the Auckland Region, there is no reason why it cannot be adopted in other regions. Download the ASG Piling Specification. (334KB PDF).

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