Body of Knowledge and Skills (BOKS)

This document defines the core knowledge and skills that a Chartered Professional Engineer (Structural) is expected to have in order to competently investigate, design and supervise the construction of structural works in New Zealand. This Body of Knowledge and Skills (BOKS) is intended to complement and inform the Chartered Professional Engineer assessment process.
The purpose of the BOKS is to:

  • define the prerequisite skills and knowledge that are required of a Chartered Professional Engineer (Structural)
  • provide a framework for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and postgraduate training
  • assist in ensuring and assuring the public of the ability of a Chartered

Professional Engineer (Structural) to undertake safety critical structural engineering tasks competently and safely
The BOKS is not intended to be a competence assessment framework. However, itis expected that the BOKS will inform the competence assessment process used by the Registration Authority to assess a Chartered Professional Engineer

The title ‘Chartered Professional Engineer (Structural)’ is not proposed by SESOC or the Registration Authority. It is simply used as a convenient descriptor in this document.