Basic BeamDes provides simple reinforced concrete beam cross-section design to NZS 3101 (Amendments 1 and 2 at time of writing).

V2.6.1  Date 21/3/2023

  • Fix “is no longer valid to run” error

V2.6  Date 17/11/2021

  • Remove Plotter utility from distribution
  • Minor UI updates
  • Display most recently used files
  • Option to output calculation results to PDF
  • Fix permissions problem when creating results file

V2.5.1  Date 16/3/2021

  • Updated registration screens

V2.5  Date 4/3/2019

  • This version includes Basic BeamDes and Plotter, but the full BeamDes program is no longer updated or supported, and hence no longer available to download
  • Please note that references to full BeamDes have not yet been removed from Basic BeamDes (e.g. help screens), Plotter, or the text of the Tutorials


  • BeamDes versions prior to and including V2.4 were in fact a trio of programs (BeamDes, Basic BeamDes, and Plotter) which could be worked separately or together
  • The full BeamDes program and the Basic BeamDes program were designed to stand alone but loaded and saved each other’s files. Plotter was designed to be called in by the other two and was used to prepare moments and shears for analysis by BeamDes or Basic BeamDes
  • BeamDes included the full capacity design of a reinforced concrete beam from the design moments and shears given. It also did Fire, Durability, Torsion and Serviceability design. All dimensional data and material data had to be be given. Basic BeamDes was a simplified version acting as a simple section designer, whereas BeamDes looked at the whole moment envelope

BeamDes v2.6.1 7.2 MB 811 downloads

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