Current Awards

We currently have no awards/grants accepting applications

All Awards shall take the form of

  1. The Society’s trophy and certificate depicting the Society’s motif and the year of the Award, to be given to the award recipient. The certificate shall list all contributing parties as listed on the entry form.
  2. All contributing parties, as listed on the entry form, shall receive certificates.

Award Results & Presentation

The decision of the Judges will be announced at the annual SESOC Conference. Where applicable, a formal presentation of any Award or Awards will also be held at that time. All entries short-listed for judging will feature in the SESOC Journal and may appear in articles in Engineering New Zealand, ACENZ and Contractor magazines and websites.

All winning entries will be featured on the Structural Engineering Society of NZ website

Award winners will be encouraged to disseminate the details of their projects to members of SESOC via presentations at regional structural group seminars.