Calculates the section properties, moment and shear capacity of composite and non-composite steel I-beams in accordance with Section 6 of AS/NZS 5100.6-2017

V3.2.4  Date: 9/6/2022

  • Use standard SESOC PDF output header
  • Provide UI feedback for changed data

V3.2.3  Date: 9/9/2021

  • Provide PDF results output
  • Fix issue with visibility of registration screen labels
  • Add file associations

V3.2.2  Date: 18/3/2021

  • First publicly-available SESOC-branded version, with standard SESOC registration process.
  • BridgeBeam was originally written by Dennis Eastwood, VICROADS Design Department for BHP Integrated Steel Division to aid engineers in the design of composite steel I-beams. The program was amended for HERA New Zealand to bring it in line with AS 5100.6-2004 – Bridge Design. With HERA’s support, the original DOS version was converted to Windows by SESOC in 2015 (V3.2W), and then updated in line with the 2017 edition of AS/NZS 5100.6 in 2020.

BridgeBeam v3.2.4 4.5 MB 434 downloads

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