Software FAQs

I am unable to download software from the SESOC website

You need to be logged on to the SESOC website in order to download software. Click the Login button on the top-right and enter your username (which may also be your SESOC member number) and password. Buttons to download the software should then be available on the various software pages.

“You are not allowed to download” even though I am logged on to the SESOC website

Please contact us – EngineeringNZ will check the setup of your profile on the website

Security software is reporting a virus in my Gen-Col download

It could be that Windows SmartScreen or your external virus checker is preventing a download, OR once downloaded, the software will not run

Gen-Col is based on VERY old code (~25 years), and also relies on some very old Microsoft library code which may be causing the blockage. If you are happy to do so, you could include Gen-Col as an exception on your virus database – but please do not do this if you still have any concerns

“Windows cannot access the specified device…” during install

This may indicate a user permissions issue – SESOC software relies on access to the program files area (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SESOC\…) as well as the local applications area (usually C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\SESOC\…)

I don’t know my Software Registration Key (SRK)

Your SRK is required for activation of SESOC software on your PC. It should be available (after logging on) from the SESOC website: Licensing & Support

“Too many activations for the specified software registration key” or “Key already used”

SESOC software is licensed for members to personally use on up to two PCs in order to cater for cases like a member wanting to run it on a work PC as well as a home PC. This message indicates that your software registration key (SRK) had already been used to activate on two PCs

You should find that uninstalling (not just deleting) SESOC software from a previous PC makes the licence available for a new PC (we appreciate that this is not always possible)

If you are still unable to activate the software, please contact us to reset your SRK

“Key / ID is locked”

The ‘locked’ message normally indicates that you are no longer a current financial SESOC member. If you have recently re-joined SESOC but you are still getting this message, please contact us to unlock your software registration key (SRK)

What about email-based activation?

The SESOC software registration method is designed to be used on-line rather than via email. Could you please go through the registration screens again and select ‘on-line’ activation (you may need to click the ‘Start Again’ button)

If for some reason you are unable to register on-line, then could you please let us know the reason, including any error messages you are getting

“This version is no longer valid to run – please obtain a new licence” or “This licence has expired, and can no longer be used”

You are probably running an obsolete version of the software. You should be able to download and install the latest version from the SESOC website (after logging on): Software

“Invalid parameter” error message when running MemDes (or other SESOC app)

This is caused by a problem running the SESOC licensing software.  Try deleting the relevant SESOC licence file from the local applications area, e.g. for a MemDes error, delete file C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\SESOC\MemDes.lic, and then re-run MemDes

Can non-members or organisations use SESOC software?

SESOC licenses the use of its software strictly to individual members only, and does not currently provide an option for non-member, organisation or site licensing. Refer to Licensing & Support for more information