New draft SESOC guidance on Grouted connections/Drossbach, GD1 & GD2 released

Draft copies of GD#1 (Existing building investigation and remediation) and GD#2 (new building specification and construction) are available for download at the links below.

GD#1 - Existing building investigation and remediation
GD#2 - New Buildings - Specification/Construction/Assurance

These complement the previously published

GD#0 (Introduction, SESOC Journal v34n2p66), and Draft GD#3 - Design Basis and Worked example.

The Drossbach working group would welcome feedback on these draft papers over the next 6 months prior to finalisation of the papers.

The Management Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank the drossbach working group for their efforts in producing this valuable resource for structural engineers.