Christchurch: Working documents, assessor forms and design guides

Christchurch: Working documents, assessor forms and design guides

DEE Technical Guide Part 3 Sections 1 – 3 Guidance on detailed technical engineering evaluation of non-residential buildings

This document provides the technical support for the Detailed Engineering Evaluation Process outlined in Part 2 (published separately as the Detailed Engineering Evaluation Procedure). Part A provides the background and procedures. The intention of this document is to give
designers detailed technical guidance on the evaluation of the effects of damage on the performance of buildings in future earthquakes.
Available in pdf format (560kB).

DEE Technical Guide Part 3 Section 9 – Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings

Concrete shear walls have been commonly used throughout Christchurch, in various forms from low-rise to medium-rise construction. Although in many cases concrete wall buildings have performed satisfactorily (at least in terms of life safety), many suffered more damage than was expected. In particular it is of note that the two major building collapses were both in concrete wall buildings, although the reasons are yet to be determined. The methodology presented in this section provides guidance generally in accordance with the Red Book, with some updating to reflect more recent research and development. However, users who wish to consider alternative methodologies, or who require more background knowledge may wish to refer to the Red Book.
Available in pdf format (1MB).

SESOC Interim Design Guidance Design of Conventional Structural Systems Following the Canterbury Earthquakes

The scope of this document (49pp) is generally limited to commercial structures constructed of conventional materials, and of conventional form. It excludes buildings utilising energy dissipation or damage resistant design methods. It is noted however that aspects of this guide may be applicable to those buildings, so designers are advised to review this guidance before undertaking design of such structures.

Available in pdf format (1 MB)