Licensing & Support

SESOC licenses its software to individual members only, and does not provide any option for non-member, organisation or site licensing.  This policy was agreed at the outset of provision of software (see the December 2014 newsletter available from SESOC’s website), and takes into account certain legal liability considerations.

SESOC makes a range of software applications available to members without charge and in good faith as part of its membership package.

We believe that SESOC membership is very cost effective, and benefits substantial.  We encourage those who wish to use the software to join SESOC and participate in the other benefits conferred by SESOC membership, including journals, newsletters, industry liaison, etc.

For the avoidance of doubt, SESOC does not offer software-only services, and does not intend to do so in the future.

Software Support

SESOC provides software support via email,  This is provided primarily for installation and activation enquiries, rather than technical.  SESOC typically aims to respond to support requests within one business day.

Please let us know about any software issues, and/or suggestions for future development.

License Activation

If you are trying to locate the SESOC Licence Key you will need to login in first at Once you logged in, return to this page and your license key should be shown here. If you have any issues, please email