Software Disclaimer

All SESOC software applications display a disclaimer on startup requiring acceptance prior to use.  In time the wording of these will be standardised across the various applications, but SESOC’s policy is as follows:

SESOC software is made available without charge and in good faith by SESOC for the use of its members.  It is agreed by the user that no liability for its use, applicability or accuracy is accepted by SESOC or its agents or any of its other members.  Professional care and judgement must be exercised, with relevant design knowledge and skill applied by the user.

Useage Tracking Disclaimer

 Users are advised that :

1) SESOC collects software use information for the purpose of tracking, in broad terms, the frequency of use of its software.

This records, in simple terms, information regarding ‘has this program been used this month’, with such data being aggregated and reported to the Management Committee from time to time.

In general, the data is not used to determine useage (or otherwise) against an individual via their SRK (Software Registration Key)

2)  Notwithstanding the above, SESOC reserves the right, in future, to record either the PCID, or the users login, for the sole purpose of auditing compliance with the licensing terms, i.e. that the software is only used by one person, the registered member.