Software Report

MemDes: SESOC branded MemDes has been available for download since June 2017.

Functionality includes: • Standard Windows-style distribution/installation

  • SESOC registration/activation screens; SESOC branding, along with standard copyright and disclaimer notices
  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Updated user manual
  • Minor enhancements to the user interface
  • Indication of section availability, particularly for hollow sections

MemDes Plus: A major enhancement to MemDes is now complete and is currently undergoing verification. Formal release is expected in the New Year. It will include the provision of a module to provide single span beam analysis capacity and serviceability checks. This will use the existing MemDes capability to check each segment along the beam.

GenCol + Shearwall Design: Develop is progressing to provide an additional module to provide reinforced concrete shearwall design capability to GenCol. This capability will be to NZS 3101, with focus on the shear, confinement and transverse steel detailing provisions, for rectangular shearwalls. This enhancement will provide a NZ code based design tool for use across the industry. Expeced release is mid-2018.