Hollow-Core Flooring Advice
Based on recent research, the collaborating technical societies of SESOC and NZSEE, along with Engineering New Zealand, have developed advice for engineers on hollow-core flooring.
This can be found on the SESOC website. Members involved with hollow-core flooring are recommended to download this information.
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Body of Knowledge and Skills
The BOKS has been developed in consultation with SESOC members and Engineering NZ, to define the knowledge and skills expected of a CPEng–level structural engineer.
Now Available
MemDes/v4.2 & MemDes+/v1.7
MemDes 4.2 with MemDes+ v1.7 are now available on the software page. Both apps have a number of technical updates; MemDes+ now allows negative distributed and point loading, and user-defined applied end moments
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