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Ductility vs Strength for Gravity Dominated Structure  


Fazil Patel
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30/06/2020 12:17 pm  

Hi All,

Hope you are well and safe.

I needed some assistance in understanding ductility for a gravity dominated frame and was hoping if you could shed some light onto it.

Suppose I have a Moment resisting reinforced concrete frame where my negative moments at beam ends are higher for gravity case than that for seismic case. To do this, I need to design my column for beam over strength,  which results in the columns capacity being 4 times higher than limited ductile demand and 2 times higher than nominally ductile demand.

Can I still design this structure as a limited ductile, considering both my beam and column capacities are in excess of elastic demands?  

Appreciate your help on this.

Fazil Patel

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